Terms & Conditions

  • B2B Sales Lead Generation - Strategic Selling Strategy - the 80 percent is a service using traditional selling techniques, focusing on Business-to-Business (B2B) Sales development. All Activity’s are directed at the beginning of the selling process. Lead generation, new account development to re-developing lost or inactive accounts. Strategic Selling Program sole purpose is to help you develop accounts and for you to eventually maintain on-going continual customer relationship. 


  • Selling Methodology - Sales Training Schedule / Pacific Standard Time (PST) Conducted by on-line Webinar with ZOOM meetings, Phone or locations in Southern California.

  • Just Talking Sales - Is a simple platform to help you find selling solutions. 

  • Payment Method / PayPal Business Invoicing No account setup for PayPal is required if paying via credit card. Pay and go option. Account setup with Pay-pal is required is paying via electronic check.

  • Ownership and Intellectual Property All material on or related to any RM Selling Solutions websites are owned by RM Selling Solutions, including Webinar presentations. All Intellectual property Rights, available from RM Selling Solutions, including design, graphics and text of all printed materials and the audio of all Webinars and pod casts, are owned by RM Selling Solutions. No content may be copied, reproduced, uploaded, posted, displayed or linked to in anyway, in whole or in part with RM Selling Solutions Prior Permission. 

  • Cancellation / Refund Policy Sales Training  If a Webinar training session has been set, and you decided to reschedule, at least 4 hours notice is required. We will make every effort to change your request, with a new available date option. No refunds will be issued – for any Webinar training that has been completed, in progress or training being conducted on site at a scheduled customer location, or at a RM Selling Solutions facilitated location, unless a cancellation request is submitted at least 12 hours before your scheduled training session. Then a full refund will be given. Cancellation request via email is acceptable. 

  • Cancellation / Refund Policy Strategic Selling Program  Terms can be canceled at anytime, for work not rendered. Cancellations via emails are acceptable. No refunds for developed account will be given.   

  • Terms & Conditions are listed on our prepayment invoice. Before making your payment, please review and read terms and conditions by making payment, you agree to the terms and conditions.