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Why Do We Need Quality

Quality Control is the structure, core and the actual action keeping your company together, driving you towards your ultimate business and customer goals.  

This is the time to ensure you are structured, organized and doing it for the long term. This starts with organizing you. Getting you to look and control your company from a 30,000 ft. and just as important, a ground level viewpoint.   

With a good quality control system in place, you take control and solve for the problem WHY? “Why do we do what we do?” Every aspect of your company, each department and every employee must have the problem WHY? Solved for.    

Quality directly effects yours bottom line profitability.

Quality Systems - policies and procedures quality manual

Quality Systems - policies and procedures quality manual

Quality Alignment:

Quality Systems ISO 9000 policies and procedures quality manual

Organizing Ideas - Implementing Ideas - Continual Review

Quality Manual:

Quality Systems ISO 9000 policies and procedures quality manual

The physical documentation holding  your company together

Quality Audit:

Quality Systems ISO 9000 policies and procedures quality manual

Review of all departments - Finding where improvements can be made

More about quality

Quality allows you to Streamline your work environment. It puts you in a position to be flexible to make changes, correct internal issues and preventive issues from occurring. Quality makes you run your company from the customer's perspective. When we think customer excellence, we will operate more efficiently.   

Quality Audit Review


  • Organizational Charts 
  • Mission Statement  
  • Quality Policy's  
  • Policy's & Procedures 
  • Company Documentations 
  • Internal Audits​
  • Management Reviews

Work with Rick

Former International Standards Organization (ISO 9000) Internal Auditor.   

Directed the writing, updating and maintenance of quality polices and procedures among two branch offices. Developed / implemented improvements for efficiency with the aid of ISO 9000 standards, validating quality compliance with outside agencies and customers. 

Created training programs to enable employees to become multi-faceted in sales, customer service and warehousing, which increase the visibility of products and streamlined company overhead. 

Successful completion of International company audits with no findings. Effective use of ISO 9000 quality control measures, maintaining inventory and shipping accuracy of 98% or better with monthly volumes of 50,000 pieces picked and shipped. 

Providing sound quality control directives for continual company improvements and a deep understanding and knowledge of core business development practices.