How it works

  • Select the account(s) you want to work on. (Review) 
  • Industry you work in
  • Products or services you sell
  • Whats your goal?

  • Finding the right selling strategy - Most of the time it’s fairly straightforward.

  • Focused on business-to-business development (B2B). Traditional Sales 

  • Hourly - Daily - Monthly Rate options available (Review) 

  • Very flexible. No one size fits all approach.


First stage is connecting and getting to the right person(s) - this is the most time consuming part. Most sales people fail because they do not commit the time. 

Once we connect, we need to go into the development stage


Understanding the customer and getting a buying status. Status is key.  

(the who, what, why, when and where questions)

examples: out of business - never heard of them before - no one ever came buy - current vendor is who we want to stay with - i'm open for a new vendor / supplier - let's set up a more detailed meeting

Once we get account status, we send this back to you to maintain. 


At the end of the month period, we will send you status on each account. This is where you need to evaluate and proceed forward to maintain your relationships with your customers.  

  • If a customer needs your services or products now, we will immediately forward this on to you.