Job Interview Training & Preparation

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There are many aspects you need to consider when writing a resume, 

and actually going in for a job interview.

A few are listed below. 

Are You Prepared?



How well is your resume written 

Do you match the job description? 

Your appearance


Dress right, communicate right - 

on phone - in-person 

Know your skills


Being able to articulate your experience

Don't get dejected


Understanding thousands of people are looking for the same job

The right job


Plenty of jobs out there. Are you selecting whats right for you? 

Your value


How will they benefit by hiring you? 

Interview process

Stage 1. Resume submittal

Stage 2. Setting an interview date (or the interview might start when they call back)

Stage 3. Interview via phone or in-person (this can be multiple interviews)

Stage 4. Job offer & Negotiating

Stage 5. Accepting or Declining 

We want to get to Stage 5.


We are putting control of our futures in someone else's hands. But, we can control how much time we prepare and organize ourselves for the interview process.