Independent / Freelance Sales Representative

Increasing sales

Growing your territory

Winning customers

Lead generation

Impacting sales development

Sales Call Support Program

Is a service and fractions of the costs of what it would take to hire a full-time employee. Your costs come from training and trying to get a new sales person up to speed on your customers, products and services. 

Filling a void where you might need extra sales support on a short term basis. Ideal for industries requiring traditional sales. 

Maybe selling isn't your expertise (but it still needs to be done) Perfect for new start up's and small businesses working on limited budgets. 

When it comes to lead generation, cold calling support and new account development, I take a more personal approach than most cold calling companies. 

  • Quality Selling over Volume Selling
  • Focused on starting the conversation and building a relationship

Independent / Freelance Sales Representative

Independent / Freelance Sales Representative

Connect - Develop - Maintain

Using the same selling approach I train on. When growing a sales territory, 

we have to be very methodical and planned. 

  • Bottom line: We cannot grow unless we start the conversation. 

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Lets Review

Utilize experince

Helping you sell 

your products & services

Targeting specific accounts

You select the accounts 

you want to work on

No need to hire full time

Keeping costs down 

staying in budget

Helping you with

Cold Calling - Lead Generation - 

New Account Development 

Impacting sales performance

Growing your business, 

and increasing sales 

Covering most industries

Ideal for industries requiring 

traditional sales techniques