i Drive B2B Sales

Utilize experience

Helping you sell 

your products & services

Independent B2B Sales Representative

Not bound by any

manufactures groups

No need to hire full time

Keeping costs down

staying in budget

Primary objective

Helping you win customers and increase sales with new account development, advanced customer B2B prospecting, and re-establishing contact with lost / inactive customer accounts. 

  • Bridging the gap between you and the customer.

Working the top 20 percent of accounts is comfortable,

but selling towards the 80 percent is your greatest opportunity for growth. 

Strategic Selling Strategy - the 80 percent



Bottom tier C&D level accounts

Re-developing - Re-establishing

Lost -  inactive accounts  

Going after

The competition

New account development

B2B prospecting - Cold calling

Lead generation

Unleashing your (CRM) Customer Retention Management systems 

/ Data reports review

Industry Focus

Most industry's requiring traditional sales


Contacting the right person


Understanding your customer


Continual customer development

Target specific accounts

Concentrate your focus 

on the accounts you want to develop

Cost / Terms

$200 per account developed

1, 2 and 3 months options

If you have a selling scenario other than what is described, still feel free to contact. 

General sales call support is available. (flexible on approach)

Your Ultimate Goals are still the same:

Winning customers and Increasing sales

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