Cold Calling Methodology

Making Cold Calling Easier

Making B2B Prospecting Easier

Just Making Selling Easier

Being an elite seller

Cold Calling & Customer Prospecting is the hardest selling you will ever do. It's a skill. Elite sellers have increased their odds of getting passed the first sales call. 

They have absolute control of how they sell. They have changed their selling approach - knowing it will change their customers buying behavior. 

They have replaced words like tips, tricks and scripts, with the phrase "selling advantage." They have a great sales pitch, using it as an ice breaker.

Selling mindset: "I'm not closing deals today - I'm building relationships"  

Understanding their selling objective is to increase sales and having a selling process in-place to get them there. 

Rick Matsi - Navigate the Conversation

Rick Matsi - Navigate the Conversation

Example of a easy-to-use selling process

It's not about closing deals today - navigate the conversation forward - take your time

Telemarketing / Phone Sales Video

Become an elite seller

Cold Calling Methodology - Training guidance

Cold Calling Methodology - Training guidance

Navigate the conversation

Being in-control of your introduction - 

Getting to sales call number two -

Work a plan

Knowing before you contact the customer the first time, what contact two,

three and even up to four will be. 

Customize your selling process

Reviewing your current selling approach and customizing an easy-to-use 

selling process for your unique selling environment.  

Understanding your customers

Selling what your customers want to buy? 

Learn your customers buying cycle -

Proper Use of CRM software

Not just for data collection -

Mapping your selling progress -

Align your selling objectives

1. Sell Better

2. Win Customers

3. Increase Sales

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BOTTOM LINE: We want to increase sales and make our selling day easier. 

Training is on point, interactive and you don't have to drive anywhere.

Pick up your phone and go.


Change your selling approach 

Change your customers buying behavior