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RM Selling Solutions

Was created and founded by Rick Matsi with the Individual Sales Representative, New Start Up, and Small Business in mind. ​​​Specializing in leadership, quality systems and selling practices. 

With over 26 years

Of direct related business experience within many business sectors, including the military, retail sales, warehousing/logistics and industrial distribution. With an expertise in customer prospecting and development. 

Founder of the Cold Calling Methodology

The Cold Calling Methodology is a selling process focused on navigating the conversation forward. It is designed to help us get us passed the first sales call. It is designed so we can be in control of our selling day. Eliminating all the frustrations, stresses and pressures we encounter on a daily basis.  


Is based on taking our education and experiences and putting them into action. ​​

action = knowledge applied

Past Career Highlights

  • Miller Heiman Group Trained - Strategic/Conceptual Selling 
  • Guitar Center Stores: Sales/Training Manager (Full Commission Sales Environment)
  • Territory Sales Manager - FLW, Inc. (Distribution Sales)
  • Branch Manager - Hawaii Fluid System Technologies (Pacific Rim Development)
  • Manager, Warehouse Operations & Logistics - Marketration Inc. (Event Sales Marketing)
  • Quality Manager - Orange Fluid System Technologies (Process Documentation Control) 
  • International Standards Organization (ISO 9000) Internal Auditor 
  • Sergeant - United States Marine Corps

When we have dialog - we find solutions


Quality Policy

CUSTOMER GOAL: Total Customer Excellence

BUSINESS GOALS: Profitability, Positive Company Branding, Structured For Growth

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