Rick Matsi Selling Solutions

Was created with the Small - Medium size business in mind. Including the new start up, maybe you are just 3 - 6 months out from opening your business and the individual sales representative.

With over 26 years of direct related experience, within many business sectors. Including the military, retail sales, warehousing, event sales marketing and industrial distribution sales. Having an expertise in customer prospecting and new account development. 

Sounds great Rick - " But what do you do?" " I help people sell better." "I help people sell better by finding selling solutions."

Our goal is to increase sales - But it's how we get there that matters. Selling better is the first objective before we can start winning customers and increasing sales. Selling better is a blanket term covering all of our selling components. 

From the sales questions we ask, ideas, creating a selling strategy, leading a sales team or leading the entire business organization. It could be, "I'm doing OK and I just need to make improvements."

It also could mean, "I really do need some help working with customers." We all have our own unique reasons why we need to sell better. When you start finding solutions, you start selling better. 

Work on

  • Navigating the conversation - Knowing before you contact the customer the first time, what contact two, three and even up to four will be. Puts you in-control and takes the pressure off selling.

  • Your selling mentality - "I'm not closing deals today - I'm building relationships."  If there is anything you can work right now, this would be it. This keeps the door open. 

  • Getting involved with your sales teams - Understanding what motivates them. (it's not always about money) Make their selling day easier

The Courage to Lead - "When You Lead - People Will Follow"

The Courage to Lead - "When You Lead - People Will Follow"

Career Experience

Territory Sales Manager

Product Specialist  

Industrial Distribution Sales 

Sales / Training Manager 

Floor Sales

Retail Sales

Manager, Warehouse Operations & Logistics

Event Sales Marketing

Quality Manger

Industrial Distribution Sales

Branch Manager

Technical Sales

Industrial Distribution Sales


United States Marine Corps


Harvard Business School – HBX

Certificate, Entrepreneurial Essentials

University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business

Certificate, The leadership Course

Miller Hieman Group 

Certificate, Strategic / Conceptual Selling

American Military University, Charles Town, WV. 

Associates of Arts, Business Administration

United States Marines Corp’s 

Non Commissioned Officers School (NCO)

Sergeants Course, Leadership Academy 

Corporals Course, Leadership Academy 


Customer Goal:

Total Customer Excellence 

Business Goals:


Positive Company Branding 

Structured For Growth